Testimonials - ZibTech Consulting

Here's what some of our clients have said about us:

"I had two websites designed by ZibTech. I needed functionality to upload blueprints to the site so that other subcontractors could retrieve them for bidding purposes. I also needed the information to be password protected to prevent competitors from viewing current bid information. All of this was accomplished with ease. The process to upload drawings is fairly simple, as well as the update functionality of the website information itself. Zac provided excellent customer service and training. he was always available for support, showed great professionalism, and answered all of our questions."
- Lisa S. Meyers

"ZibTech Consulting worked with us on numerous projects involving the music industry and aspects of the NRA. As the music industry continues to spiral out of control, StationOne (SOE) has been called upon to provide solutions for monetizing multiple recording labels' web presences. As the scope of each project grew, SOE looked to ZibTech to handle the lions share of the web development. ZibTech always delivered on-time and on-budget, always exceeding our expectations."
- Vhan Elam