Culmore Clinic

Affordable Application Development

Tired of being gouged for sub-par quality application development? We offer fair and affordable pricing for high quality application development. From VBA to C/C++, Windows or any other platform we deliver on time and beyond expectations.

{ Customized Solutions }

We work with you to create solutions that accomplish your goals within budget and within your timeline. We build atop open source technology in order to maximize our time when building products for you; Less time spent creating rewriting code and more spent creating customized code to suit your needs.

{ The Best Staff }

Our staff members are some of the best in their respective fields. Having worked together for years, they are a tight-knit group who gets things done. We all love what we do at ZibTech Consulting and we make sure it shows in the work we complete.

{ Experience Under Pressure }

We've worked with large and small businesses alike, on projects ranging from one day to months or years. When it comes time to deliver we've proven time and time again that we will do what it takes to keep you satisfied with your solution.